Australia is the home of the Albert Smith Group and is
Albert Smith Global’s head office and marketing co-ordination centre.

Albert Smith Philippines (ASP) was established in 1998 to meet the emerging branding needs of the developing Filipino market and is located in Manilla. ASP provides quality products and services, including in house design, structural engineering and manufacturing to many of the countries high profile identities – including the Petroleum industry and restaurant chains.

Albert Smith Taiwan (AST) was established in 2000 and provides quality products and services throughout the region to a range of customers including the financial, retail and gaming industries. AST also provides expertise in marketing, merchandising and advertising solutions.

Albert Smith Global’s additional Strategic Partnerships in both China and India ensure we are able to meet the local demand for quality products and services from our international customers.

Albert Smith Global capabilities include:
  • Local manufacture
  • Local install
  • Local project management
  • Local warranty
Albert Smith Global is a partner in the
Global Signware Alliance